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Skyrunner® World Series - Kilian takes three world titles at Limone finals

Kilian Jornet (Ultra, Sky & VK Series champion) leading Marc De Gasperi, Limone SkyRace. ©Jordi Saragossa

The 2014 Skyrunner® World Series came to a spectacular close yesterday on the shores of Lake Garda with the deepest field in any race on the calendar, with 741 athletes from 34 nations competing.

It was another first for the invincible Kilian Jornet who closes an incredible season with no less than three World Series titles: Ultra, Vertical and Sky.

Friday’s night time Vertical Kilometer® which climbs in a torch-light procession high above the lake, opened the World Series events with Kilian and Laura Orguè, both Catalan, both Salomon, taking the World Series Vertical title. Christel Dewalle (adidas) won the women’s race and Kilian the men’s.

Stevie Kremer, 2014 Sky Series champion). ©iancorless.com

Saturday’s Sky titles went to Kilian and Stevie Kremer. “Pocket-rocket” Stevie has had a great season with three outright wins, which granted her mathematically the title, like Kilian. Today, in she came an excellent second to Spain’s Maite Maiora (La Sportiva), who moves up to second place on the ranking. It was a great result for La Sportiva who stepped out of their “Vertical” mould to  conquer a first position in the women’s race.

In the men’s field, skyrunning newcomer Petro Mamo from Eritrea raced out hard from the start to close 30 seconds ahead of Kilian. “I still had the Vertical in my legs from yesterday,” said Kiian. “We all have one heart and two legs!” Petro commented on the super-technical 24 km course, “it was a great race, very difficult. I’m very happy.”

The Limone Extreme race organisers, with the help of 200 volunteers, put on two spectacular events worthy of the 2014 Skyrunner® World Series finals.

Christel Dewalle, Limone VK race winner. ©Jordi Saragossa

A total of € 24,000 were awarded to the race winners and VK & Sky Champions*.

The intensive and enthralling 2014 Skyrunner® World Series has come to a close. Big thanks go to all the runners that took part, the teams, the race organisers and to our partners for their support.

With hardly time to dust off our running shoes, we’re looking ahead to 2015, to the new World Series, the Continental Championships and the much anticipated Summit Series. It will be year full of surprises, taking skyrunning to the next level.  Less cloud. More Sky!

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Petro Mamo, SkyRace winner. ©ianclorless.com

* US$ 25,000 are awarded to the VK, SKY and Ultra Champions each year

Limone Extreme VK & SkyRace® results

See below for some figures underlining the great success and international expansion of the 2014 Skyrunner® World Series:


- Seven nations in the men’s top 15 (despite the massive La Sportiva Italian team)

- The women’s ranking shows the same figures (despite the Italian and Spanish dominance)

- 35 different teams took part in the Series

- La Sportiva leads the team ranking, followed by Salomon Santiveri e FEEC (Catalan).


- Eleven nations in the men’s top 15

- Five nations in the women’s top seven

- 42 teams took part in the Series

- Salomon heads the Sky ranking, ahead of SCOTT Sports and EMF (Basque team)

2014 Skyrunner® Vertical Series titles (extract)


1. Kilian Jornet (Salomon Santiveri)

2. Marco Moletto (La Sportiva)

3. Nejc Kuhar (La Sportiva)

4. Nadir Maguet (La Sportiva)

5. Thorbjorn Ludvigsen (Salomon)


1. Laura Orguè (Salomon Santiveri)

2. Antonella Confortola (Salomon)

3. Stephanie Jimenez (Salomon)

4. Francesca Rossi (La Sportiva)

5. Azara Garcia (Yaniro)

Full Vertical ranking results

2014 Sky Series titles (extract)

1. Kilian Jornet (Salomon Santiveri)
2. Ionio Alin Zinca (Valetudo)
3. Zaid Ait Malek (Buff)

4. Tadei Pivk (Crazy Idea) ITA

5. David Schneider (inov-8)

1. Stevie Kremer (Salomon)
2. Maite Maiora (La Sportiva)
3. Elisa Desco (SCOTT Sports)

4. Laura Orguè (Salomon Santiveri)

5. Emelie Forsberg (Salomon)

Full Sky ranking results

Skyrunner® World Series 2014