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Active Patch 4U

Emelie & Luis Alberto European Champions

Emelie Forsberg, 2015 Skyrunning Ultra Champion. ©iancorless.com

2014 Skyrunning World Champions Emelie Forsberg and Luis Alberto Hernando yet again prove they’re on top of the world, crowned European Champions at the Ice-Trail Tarentaise, Val d’Isère, France, Sunday.

The Skyrunning European Ultra Championships represented the final round after the Sky distance in Zegama and the Vertical in Chamonix.

The overall ranking points (based on the sum of the results of three men and one woman) awarded the gold medal to Spain, the silver to France and the bronze to Italy.

Luis Alberto Hernando, 2015 Skyrunning Ultra Champion. ©iancorless.com

Gold:  Spain 858 Points

Silver:  France 620 Points

Bronze:  Italy 584 Points

21 medals were awarded across the three championships:  6 medals in each category (Vertical, Sky and Ultra) and the three top countries :

SWS & European Champs

Spain 858 Points

France 620 Points

Italy 584 Points

Czech Repubblic 348 Points

Norway 300 Points

Manuel Merillas, 2nd ITT. ©iancorless.com

The aptly named “Ice-Trail” reaches the snowy peaks of the Grande Motte at 3,653m and five peaks touching 3,000m altitude – a gruelling test of high altitude performance skyrunning is renowned for. Race favourites were Emelie Forsberg and Luis Alberto Hernando, 2014 Skyrunning Ultra World Champions and now, also European Champions.

The men’s race saw Luis Alberto lead comfortably from start to finish, tailed by young Spanish talent Manuel Merillas with a constant 6-minute gap separating them. Luis Alberto closed in 7h43’ gaining a further minute over Manuel who closed in 7h50’27”. The record here was set back in 2013 by Kilian Jornet in 7h35’32” although the course has undergone some modifications since then. Third man was France’s Clement Molliet who sprinted to take the position Italian Fulvio Dapit had held throughout most of the race.

Emelie lead the women’s race with a strong lead and, despite feeling the altitude, she powered on to finish in 9h17’21”, just six minutes short of her record last year. Poland’s Magdalena Laczac closed in 9h30’37” and, in third position, Anna Strakova from the Czech Republic in 9h48’46”.

*Skyrunner® World Series ranking points are awarded at all the Continental Championships.

Luis Alberto Hernando2015 Skyrunning Ultra Champion. ©iancorless.com

Race results


1. Luis Alberto Hernando (ESP) – adidas – 7h43’00”

2. Manuel Merillas (ESP) – Mammut/Compressport – 7h50’27”

3. Clement Molliet (FRA) – 7h54’29”

4. Fulvio Dapit (ITA) – Crazy Idea /La Sportiva – 8h05’14”

5. Fabien Antonilos (FRA) – 8h10’25”


1. Emelie Forsberg (SWE) – Salomon – 9h17’21”

2. Magdalena Laczak (POL) – Salomon – 9h30’37”

3. Anna Strakova (CZE) – Czech Skyrunning – 9h48’46”

4. Nuria Dominquez (ESP) – FEDME /Buff . 9h50’53”

5. Anna Comet (ESP) FEDME /Dynafit – 10h19’01”

Fulvio Dapit, 4th ITT. ©iancorless.com

Full race results

Skyrunning partner for the 2015 Skyrunner® World Series and European Championships Alpina Watches, awarded the European Champions Emelie Forsberg and Luis Alberto Hernando with a prestigious Alpina Horological Smartwatch.

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Ice-Trail Tarentaise