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Dolomites SkyRace® - Megan Kimmel & Tadei Pivk winners

Tadei Pivk, 2015 Dolomites SkyRace winner. (c)iancorless.com

For the first time in the 18-year-old history of the Dolomites SkyRace®, an American wins (and sets a new record). Megan Kimmel (Asics) took the day closing in 2h25’57” slicing three seconds off Emelie Forsberg’s 2012 record.
More records were in store for this legendary race: 750 competitors from 35 countries.

The men’s winner was Italian Tadei Pivk (Crazy Idea) closing in 2h02’47” enjoying a great season after his Zegama win in May.

Megan had kept a close second to favourite Laura Orguè (Salomon), who led the race from the start. It was in the last kilometre entering the town of Canazei that Megan surged past Laura to victory. Third lady was Skyrunning World Champion, Italy's Elisa Desco (SCOTT Sports), followed by Sweden's Emelie Forsberg (Salomon)in 4th and Norwegian Eli Anne Dvergsdal, 5th, underlining the emerging Norwegian talent in recent races. Emelie Forsberg, winner and record-holder in 2012 and 2013, came to the race after winning the European Ultra title at the 65 km Ice-Trail Tarentaise just one week ago. Add yesterday's Dolomites VK and we have a highly successful and ambitious lady, in the circumstances, happy with her excellent 4th position.

“I didn’t think I’d catch her,” said Megan Kimmel about her adversary, Laura Orguè. “She had it from the start. At 6k I was just 1 ½ minutes away and on the last stretch, well, I went for it!”

Laura Orguè, 2nd Dolomites SkyRace. (c)iancorless.com

Pascal Egli from Switzerland was first to summit the extremely steep ascent below the Forcella Pordoi pass, 2,829m, with Columbian Saul Padua (Crazy Idea) and Aritz Egea (EMF) close on his heels. Here the course levels out to climb gradually to the Piz Boè race summit at 3,152m. Padua was first to transit, followed just 17 seconds behind by Egli. Romenian Ionut Zinca (Valetudo) was in 3rd, Egea in 4th and Pivk 5th.

The rocky, technical downhill in this race is often the decider and today was the case for Pivk who moved easily up the ranks to win. Zinca was a close 2nd and Egli, 3rd.

Ionut Zinca, 2nd Dolomites SkyRace. (c)iancorless.com

The Piz Boè summit was critical in establishing the winners of the Alpina Smart Time Prize. Based on the timing of the top ten men and five women at the summit, a bonus is given to younger and older competitors, putting everyone at the same level, irrespective of the final race results. Alpina Watches, Official Watch of the 2015 Skyrunner® World Series and European Skyrunning Championships devised the exclusive formula together with the International Skyrunning Federation.

A luxury Alpina Horological Smartwatch was awarded to the two Alpina Smart Time Prize winners, Megan Kimmel and Saul Padua (respectively 35 and 22 years old). The Alpina Horological Smartwatch will be awarded at a number of selected events including the upcoming Tromsø SkyRace® on August 2 in Norway – a super-technical Ultra, where, no doubt, the Norwegians will show their skyrunning skills on home ground.

Saul Padua & Megan Kimmel, winners Alpina Smart Time Prize. (c)iancorless.com

Race results

1. Tadei Pivk (ITA) Crazy Idea – 2h02’47”
2. Ionut Zinca (ROU) Valetudo/Compressport – 2h’03’18”
3. Pascal Egli (SUI) Salewa – 2h03’46”
4. Saul Padua (COL) Crazy Idea – 2h04’56”
5. Manuel Merillas (ESP) Mammut/Compressport – 2h05’31”

1. Megan Kimmel (USA) Asics -2h25’57” (record)
2. Laura Orguè (ESP) Salomon – 2h26’58”
3. Elisa Desco (ITA) SCOTT Sports/Compressport – 2h28’36”
4. Emelie Forsberg (SWE) Salomon – 2h2911”
5. Eli Anne Dvergsdal (NOR) Il Gular – 2h29’28”

Race website

SWS Sky ranking (extract)

1. Tadei Pivk (Crazy Idea) – 200 points
2. Manuel Merillas (Mammut/Compressport) – 156 points
3. Ionut Zinca (Valetudo) – 148 points
4. Dai Matsumoto (Salomon) – 142 points
5. Tom Owens (Salomon) – 138 points

1. Elisa Desco (SCOTT Sports/Compressport) – 178 points
2. Emelie Forsberg (Salomon) – 144 points
2. Hanny Allston (The North Face/Suunto) – 144 points
4. Stephanie Jimenez (Salomon) – 136
5. Federica Boifava (Montura)  - 130

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