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Active Patch 4U

Bonnet & Orguè - VK victory in USA

Ferran Teixido, 3rd Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer. (c)iancorless.com

Starting at the Big Sky Resort base area, the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer® offered skyrunners a lung busting ascent to the summit of Lone Peak (3,403m) - the highest VK in the Series - in just a little less than 5k.

While  may not be the steepest VK on the Skyrunner® World Series but it certainly is one of the most dramatic and the views from the summit are quite incredible.

In contrast to 2014, the first half of the VK route had a change based on operational concerns of Big Sky Resort. So this year, the sole hole biking trail is a no go and the route takes on a steeper and more direct route following the ethos and principals of skyrunning.

Laura Orguè, winner Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer. (c)iancorless.com

Heading Huntley Hollow and Calamity Jane ski runs the route headed up to the Bone Crusher and the impressive Alto ridge. Here it gets steep, gnarly and technical and the long haul, hands-on-knees grunt continued to the summit. The final sections had a potential for rockfall, exposure and other objective hazards.

Starting in waves, the elite runners departed first on the stroke of 15.00 in a mass group. The early stages were always going to be about finding a rhythm, working out a good pace and then looking for a prime position before the more technical and challenging terrain started. Rémi Bonnet and Laura Orguè pushed from the start and both looked very strong at the midway point before the more technical sections started.

In the women’s race, American Morgan Arritola looked to be closing the gap with 500m covered but Laura found the extra reserves to push on to the line. Ladies rising star from Norway, Yngvild Kaspersen ran a strong race and relegated ladies Tromso VK winner, Emelie Forsberg with a strong push for 3rd.

Rémi Bonnet, Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer winner. (c)iancorlless.com

Rémi Bonnet was in a class of his own on this course and finished clear of Matterhorn Ultraks winner, Martin Anthamatten and Ferran Teixidò moved up from 4th place and 500m to 3rd at the line.

At the summit Bonnet arrived first looking spent with the effort in a time of 45:58:04. It was a dominating performance and a confirmation of a star in the making. Holding on for 2nd was Martin Anthamatten and 3rd place was Ferran Teixido in 47:38:78 and 48:04:89 respectively.

The weather and altitude played a key factor in the Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer® and when a race starts on or around 2000m, a runner’s altitude adaptation was always going to play a key part.

Attention now turns to Saturday and The Rut 25K event. This event will prove to be fast and furious with mixed terrain that includes single track, jeep roads, alpine ridge lines and the summit of the iconic Lone Peak.

Morgan Arritola, 2nd Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer. (c)iancorless.com

Race results

1. Rèmi Bonnet (SUI) Salomon: 45:58:04
2. Martin Anthamatten (SUI) Salomon: 47:38:78
3. Ferran Teixido (AND) FAM: 48:04:89


1. Laura Orgué (ESP) Salomon: 52:20:36
2. Morgan Arritola (USA) Salomon: 53:16:79
3. Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR) Salomon:  55:15:05

Skyrunner® Vertical Series provisional ranking

1. Rémi Bonnet (SUI) Salomon – 318 points
2. Neic Kuhar (SLO) La Sportiva – 282 points
3. Ferran Teixido (AND) FAM – 264 points
4. François Gonon (FRA) SCOTT Sports – 200 points
5. Thorbjorn Ludvigsen (NOR) Salomon – 198 points

1. Laura Orguè Vila (ESP) Salomon – 366 points
2. Emelie Forsberg (SWE) Salomon – 294 points
3. Maite Maiora (ESP) La Sportiva – 288 points
4. Therese Sjursen (NOR) – 254 points
5. Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR) Salomon – 238 points

Rémi Bonnet & Laura Orguè winners Lone Peak Vertical Kilometer. (c)iancorless.com

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